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Awareness & Prevention of HIV/AIDS

 Condom Promotion and Distribution Programme

Another important technical strategy was promotion of safer sex practices through the condom usages. The project focused on two facts, one is information & other is availability of condoms for safety & prevention of STI/HIV/AIDS

.         The Project team opted for four-prong strategy:

·         Increasing accessibility and availability of condoms in the target area

·         Skill building for correct condom usage. For this, demonstrations were organized

·         Social marketing of condoms


There are gap regarding negotiation skills and risk perceptions, so we need to more focus on negotiation skills for condom. So PEs and ORWs will discuss on those issues in one to one, GD and FGD. There are gap regarding use of condoms in prevention of STI/HIV/AIDS. So we need to more focus on dual advantage of condoms first prevent from HIV/AIDS and then other. So PEs and ORWs will discuss on those issues in one to one, GD and FGD.


Staff Capacity Building

Training of staff/PEs/ volunteers on following component Gender, sex and sexuality Sexual and reproductive health Role of PEs in STI management HIV/AIDS and linkage with STI Condom promotion Identifying risk and vulnerability factors  Negotiation skills Self esteem and value development, Outreach Planning and IPC.


Enabling Environment

When the ultimate goal of the programme is community participation, creating an enabling environment becomes very crucial.  Enabling environment results in trust-building and sustainability of a project.  Under this component advocacy was considered very important to shed away the stigma and discrimination against the PLWHA as well as High Risk Groups.  Second is networking to tap the resources of the community effectively. Third is meeting immediate needs to establish credibility in the community.  


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