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Child Rights

 Healthy & Secure infants (0-5 yrs)

Children are the first call on agenda of human resource development – not only because young children are the most vulnerable, but because the foundation for lifelong learning and human development is laid in these crucial early years. The complete immunization has reached up to 96% intervening with govt. health department. Tetanus Toxin protected live births are 92% no maternal death have occurred during last three years. 556 women aware on reproductive child health. 563 mothers & caregivers got training on integrated management of childhood illness, 156 families on benefits on institutional delivery. Supplementary nutrition has been provided to 225 children at centre level. 56 % children promoted to 2nd to 1st & normal grade, 52 % children promoted to 3rd to 2nd & 1st grade. 380 women got Iron Folic Acid tablets. 944 women get counselled on Reproductive Tract Infection/Sexual Transmitted Infection & got medicine. 35 couple got cured thru reproductive tract infection/sexual transmission infection camps.


Educated & confident youth (6-14 yrs)

Elementary Education is a crucial stage in the educational hierarchy as it prepares thestudents for secondary & higher education and also for the world of work. With the rapid changes in the development scenario witnessed, the general need to improve the quality of life and to reduce poverty, While education is a concurrent subject, and secondary education primarily remains the responsibility of the governments, the civil society needs to set its vision on making elementary education of good quality available, accessible & affordable to all young persons in the age group 6-14 years.ABGUS implemented various programs to improve the quality of education. ABGUS adopted one of the village schools for special programs for “School QualityImprovement” where 108 children attended the program participation. 21 children participated in Delhi Half Marathon rally. Extra curriculum activities i.e. essay & drawing competition, play & cultural activities were also organized to develop the personality & leadership quality.



Skilled & involved youth (15-24 yrs)

It is essential that school leavers acquire a higher level of knowledge and skills than what they are, besides provided in the 8 years of elementary education, particularly opportunities for improvement of vocational knowledge and skill should be provided at the higher secondary level to enable students to be employable. In this critical period of transition from teenage to adulthood, the youth need to be supported for their well being by strengthening their capabilities, enlarging their access to opportunities and providing them with safe environment. 589 adolescent & youth life skill training program. 175 adolescent girls got embroidery & sewing training. 1436 Self Help Groups members got training on accounting system, timely repayment & proper use of loan. 25 eligible youths got welding training under vocational training program. 43 eligible youths got training of customer relation training.


Festivals/Customs/Social activitiesABGUS celebrates all festival like Holi, Diwali, Independence Day, Christmas, Eid, Guru Parva with active involvement of children & their parents. Festivals have been celebrated with great enthusiasm by the masses. Celebration includes events like dances, songs & drama & sports meets which involves all.




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