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Community & P.R.I. Capacity Enhancement

 SWASHASHAN A Civil Society Capacity Building (Panchayat Raj Institutions - Local self-Governance)


The 73 constitution amendment has attempted to decentralize or delegation of authorities to Panchayat Raj Institutions or local self-governance in rural India since it came into force by the Govt. notification on 24th April 1993. Through the enactment of this act, PRls have been given constitutional recognition and legal status. Moreover has paved the way for the participation of the common people in the developmental activities of the Panchayats. It has also provided an opportunity for greater participation of women and marginalize section of the population to take part, in the decision making process. Some main mandatory provisions of the act are as follows:


  • Panchayats will be the institution of Self-governance. 

  • There will be a Gram Sabha for each village or group of villages comprising all adult members, registered as voters in the Panchayat area.

  • Seats of Panchayat will be filled by direct election. Women will get 1/3rd reservation. Reservation of seats for SC/ST will be in proportion of their population.

  • In each state, a State Financial Commission also is established in all the states to determine the principals on the basis of which adequate financial resources would be ensured for Panchayat Raj Institution.

  • Specific responsibility will be ensured to the Panchayats to prepare plans for social justice and economic development on respect to 29 subjects as listed under the 11th schedule of the constitution.


Hence, with a conscious effort, ABGUS has been working on this issue in its perspective.


ABGUS's multi-sectoral strategic intervention under this sector has following broad components:


  • Orientation, training and know-how supports and capacity enhancement to PRI representatives, chairpersons and gram Sabha members (voters) for disposing their roles and responsibilities for their respective village development interventions and perspective.
  • Preparation and dissemination of IEC materials.
  • Facilitation of Micro-level planning of panchayats for social justice and socio-economic development.
  • Research and documentation for best practices
  • Partnering & networking with the Government/Non-government at various level.


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