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Livelihood & Self Help Group


This program aims to devise new strategies for economic uplift of rural poor. The deprived, excluded and vulnerable sections of  the communities are selected as beneficiaries. Till now more than 500 families have been benefited through this programme. Income generation activities like dairy and other forms of animal husbandry are carried out by the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries for this purpose are not only given financial assistance but also given other inputs like training assistance, building capacities, technical guidance and regular veterinary & medicinal support.


We ensure the rise of income of these families more than Rs. 36,000 through cumulative support in a phased manner so that after completion of direct care & support so that the families can upscale themselves from BPL to APL. Apart from this ABGUS imparts vocational training on Embroidery tailoring, handicrafts and etc. to strengthen the economic backbone of the community. The support and capacity enhancement not only give families additional incomes but also improve the standard of life of their children in the process. As development is a process rather than an event, we believe in pumping inputs in regular interval to maintain the growth sustainably.


Community and women Empowerment

The operational strategy of ABGUS is to form clusters of Micro Finance Organization of Village Development Committees (VDC), self Help Group (SHG) and individual members to adapt and boots this program. At present ABGUS has promoted and strengthened 18 VDC and 121 SHGs at its project area.


The promotion of community organization is the basic thrust of the organization; ABGUS believes to organize people at every stage, so that people can ensure their participation in development social change. To achieve this goal, there are many training camps, orientation & exposure for CBO leaders and financial security and social up-liftment of poor are provided. 


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