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Reproductive & Child Health, Early Childhood CARE Development program, Quality Education, Child & Youth Leadership Development, Women Empowerment,  Livelihood and Income Enhancement program, , Strengthening the Community based Organizations and Prevention & Awareness on HIV / AIDS.


ABGUS works with ChildFund, Chetna, RSACS, Health, Education, veterinary, animal husbandry, women & child, Panchayat raj institutions & etc Dept. of Rajasthan Government and other stakeholders working in the areas of development and services both Government and Non-government Agencies. The strategy behind this collaboration is to strengthen the collective action to fight back on the prevailing issues of child, women and the community as whole and subsequently involve the entire stakeholders for direct efforts to make communities self-reliant and to improve the quality of their lives. In view of the deprived condition of the rural families and the gloomy future of little children ABGUS determined to empower the community for their increased participation in the social development processes. The whole purpose is integrated and sustainable development of the community.


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